About Me:
My name is Caitlin. I have lived in the same small town since I was just a tiny babe. I dabble in selling vintage online and collect more than I should ever admit. My camera is my favorite little pal that you can find hanging by my side or in front of my face quite often. I dream of owning a little brick home one day. One with hardwood floors, old wallpaper, and a beautiful bathtub.

A few things that make my heart smile: foggy mornings, rice krispie treats, thrift stores, flea markets, crafting, family heirlooms, my dad’s laugh, beards, musty basement smell, warm evening walks, my sweet savior, lcc, auctions, grilled cheese sandwiches, tattoos, sewing, and boys that can fix cars.

If you have questions, want me to send you a list of the packages I offer, just want to chat... feel free to shoot me an email caitlinmiakoda@hotmail.com.
I'd be happy to hear from you!